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Holistic wellness begins with balanced hormones. Paving the way to a healthier, happier you.

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As a holistic physician, I have combined my education to now offer functional health coaching and consulting services to help as many women as possible meet their goals. I specialize in hormone balancing, infertility, low energy, brain fog and optimizing your overall well-being. 

Meet Dr. Cynthia

I'm excited you're here! You deserve care and attention for your unique concerns. I am passionate about helping women naturally optimize fertility and heal their hormones in order to reclaim their health for a better quality of life. My goal is to improve the way women approach their overall wellness and provide strategies for preserving their health​

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The Mom's ReNEW You Method

This is my transformative Signature Program developed to support Mother's who are in need of revitalizing their health and overall well-being. This is a proven health + wellness protocol designed to increase energy, vitality and joy in life for busy moms!


Areas of Specialty

  • Natural fertility optimization and Hormone Balancing

  • "Unexplained" Infertility, Challenges with conceiving and pregnancy preparation. 

  • Chronic fatigue, brain fog, sleep issues, stress management

  • Are you not feeling quite right after having kids?

  • Did you get off of birth control or are planning on it and need support?

1:1 Consultations

We work together to determine the root cause of your symptoms. By looking at your comprehensive health history, functional lab results, prior testing and treatments, we develop a plan of action on how to optimize your health and wellness. 

Personalized Resources

You will be provided resources that have been curated to your individual needs. These are designed to ensure the best results are achieved to help you meet your goals. My goal is to provide resources so that you have the tools and information you need to feel empowered.

Green Leaves

“Dr. Cynthia is fantastic! She is incredibly knowledgeable and truly cares about your health. I knew something seemed off before trying to get pregnant but doctors told me my tests were normal. Dr. Cynthia took the time to deep dive and help me understand how to best prepare my body for a healthy pregnancy.”

Fia, 34

“Dr. Cynthia is phenomenal! She really connects with you and makes you feel at ease. You can tell she loves her craft and I would recommend her to any and everyone!”

Aubrey,  35

"After my second child, I never felt quite like myself again. Dr. Cynthia took the time to really figure out what was going on. After working with her for a few months I feel better than I did before having kids. She is so easy to connect with and it's always a pleasure working with her."

Kelly, 36

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